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Table of Content
1981 Vol.8 Issue1 ,      28 January 1981
The Transfer of Plasmid through Cell Fusion between Bacillus subtilis
Jiang Xingjuan Yang Qingyun) Ren Daming Feng Dexin Ye Yinfeng Sheng Zujia
 pp.1-7      Abstract   |   PDF 1599KB
Transformation of Bacillus subtilis Ki-2 and its MutantsBy Plasmid pUB110
Tang Maohong Wei Rungxuan Yang Yueqin Zhang YinmeiSun Yonghua Li Mingfeng Peng Dexing Fan Shutian
 pp.8-13      Abstract   |   PDF 1578KB
Streptomyces griseus Plasmid(s) Codes Some Genes InvoIvedIn Streptomycin Biosynthesis
Xue Yugu Zhu Yingfang XuYi Zhuang Zenghui Tan Huarong
 pp.14-20      Abstract   |   PDF 531KB
Synthesis and Characterization of RNA during AntigenRecognition in Macrophage
Huang Hualiang Wang Susheng Zheng Yongmu) Li Xiuzhen)Shang Furong Wang Zhuang Chen Ai Li Yan
 pp.21-26      Abstract   |   PDF 651KB
A Dermatoglyphic Study on Chinese PopulationI. Determination of Normal Values of 10 Dermatoglyphic ParaMETERS in Han Nationality
Zhang Haiguo Wang Weicheg Xu LingdiYang Jueqin Zhao Yuping Dong Jianzhong Chen Renbiao Chen Xuejuan Su Binghua
 pp.27-35      Abstract   |   PDF 651KB
A Study on the Synaptonemal Complex in the Spermatocyte of Silkworm
Wang Zongshun Zhong Xiangchen Guo Fu
 pp.36-41      Abstract   |   PDF 2185KB
The Salivary Gland Chromosomes of Anopheles sinensis
Ye Binghui Huang Pingqian Jiang Wenbin Song Wiejun Jiang ZhikuanGeng Ronggen Geng Ronggen Liu Peichen
 pp.42-49      Abstract   |   PDF 2415KB
Investigation on the Carp Gynogenesis with Reference toEstablishing a Pure Line
Wu Chingjiang Chen Rongde Ye Yuzhen Ke Hongwen
 pp.50-55      Abstract   |   PDF 1494KB
Variations in the Characters of Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)Induced by Exotic DNA of Sea-island Cotton (Gossypium barbadense)
Huang junqi Qian Siying Liu Guiling Weng Jian Zeng Yishen Zhou Guangyu
 pp.56-62      Abstract   |   PDF 1480KB
Induction of Haploid Plantlets from Unpollinated Ovaries of Nicotiana tabacum Cultured in vitro
Zhu Zhongehun Wu Haishan
 pp.63-65      Abstract   |   PDF 1946KB
A Preliminary Analysis of the Genotypes of Hybrid Shen Rice with Wild Rice Cytoplasm
Gao Mingwei
 pp.66-74      Abstract   |   PDF 740KB
Physicochemical Properties of Poen-wall Protein of Cucurbita pepoand Luffa cylindrical and Its Possible Role in “Recognition” Reaction
Yang Zhonghan Cao Zongxun
 pp.75-83      Abstract   |   PDF 727KB
The Genetic Types of Induced Mutations in Barley(Hordeum vulgare)
Li Junming Cai Tishu Mao Yanlin Zhang Chongli
 pp.84-90      Abstract   |   PDF 675KB
The Relative Analyses on Maize Cultivar Menghai Four-row Wax
Zeng Mengqien Yang Taixing Wang Pu
 pp.91-96      Abstract   |   PDF 1349KB
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